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Dynamic Info Screen
New with version 11.2.7


Bug fixes and optimized code in media objects

This is a recommended upgrade that will make your projects work better at runtime. It also fixes some minor issues in the designer like displaying time controls in the Project Timeline when Large Fonts option is enabled in Windows.

New with version 11.2.6


Optimized performance in RSS/Text and Web/HTML media objects

RSS/Text (all three types) and Web/HTML media objects are now optimized for better performance. If you are using these objects in your existing projects we recommend you to upgrade all design and player computers with this new version.

New with version 11.2.5


Refresh content timer in RSS/Text and Web/HTML media objects

RSS/Text and Web/HTML media objects now include an option to enable and set their own refresh content intervals. This allows you to create a long duration scene with some of its media objects refreshing content in shorter and different intervals.

Reload project on each cycle

With this option enabled DISPlayer will reload the entire project each time it comes to an end in a project's timeline. This allows you to replace a running project with a new version that automatically becomes effective from the next project cycle on the condition that project files and folders of the old version remain available as long as needed.

Transparent background option in RSS/Text media objects

When you set transparency for an RSS/Text media object's background, you will get the scene background that would otherwise be covered by the object as the object's background.

Infinite scene duration

If you enter three zeros (0:0:0) for a scene duration in the project's timeline then that scene will never end. Obviously this option might be useful only for a single-scene project.

New with version 10.2.4


Gradual transition between scenes

A new option in the Scene Properties dialog allows you to enable gradual transition to the next scene. When the option is enabled DIS Player will make a gradual transition from that scene to the next one with the transition speed as an additional parameter.

Transparent background and background picture options in the Text Label object

There are two new options in the Text Label object properties dialog. One allows you to set the transparency for the object's background in which case you get the scene background that would otherwise be covered by the object. The other is the option to set some picture as the object background.

New with version 9.2.2


RSS feed content control

When you setup an RSS/Text media object with an RSS feed URL you will now be able to select components of the feed to show and set a different text color and normal/bold/italic font attributes for each component separately.

Background picture in RSS/Text media objects

New option in RSS/Text media objects allows you to set a background picture that will appear behind the text within the object.

New with version 9.2.1


Runtime content editor

Each info screen project created with the program now includes a special executable file named DISEditor.exe that works as a runtime content editor for that project. That way you get the opportunity to update the project's content in a simple way right on the spot and you do not need to use the project designer program at all. You can start the editor directly from the project's folder or invoke it while the project is running by pressing F2 on the keyboard.

Runtime folder for Slide Show, Flash and Media Player objects

This option allows you to control the project's content by adding/removing files from a special runtime folder. That means you do not have to set the list of files in advance because the project will simply take all files existing in that folder at runtime. The option is available for Slide Show, Flash Content and Media Player objects.

New with version 9.2.0


Hidden scenes

An option named Add Hidden Scene To Timeline is available in the Scene menu. Use it to add a special type of scene to the end of the info screen project timeline. During that special scene the info screen project will minimize itself and leave the screen to any other software that is running in the background.

Duplicate scene option

This option is available in the Scene menu and by right clicking a scene in the Scene Selector. Use it to add a copy of the scene as a new one in the current info screen project.

Copy/paste for media objects

By using the Copy object option you can make an exact copy of the selected object. All object's properties are retained with an exception for its size that is always reduced to minimum. To use this option right click on an object you have on the project canvas and choose Copy object. To paste the object right click on an empty space on the project canvas and a context menu with the Paste object option will appear.

Object size/position dialog box

You access the Object Size & Position dialog box through the Set size/position option available when you right click an object on the project canvas or by clicking the Size & Position button on the Object Properties dialog box. Here you can set the object's size and position precisely, providing of course that there is enough free space available on the canvas. If you enter a value that can not be accepted the program will adjust it automatically.

Target screen size parameter available for adjustments

Previous versions of the program did not allow you to change the Target screen size parameter in the Project Properties dialog box. Now you come back to that parameter at any moment and make adjustments up or down. After you do that the program will scale all scenes accordingly, but you will have to finish that work manually and fit objects on scenes again. As before the minimal Target screen size you can set is 640 x 480 pixels.

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Free flash clocks to download - Clocks that allow you to display current time in your info screen projects.
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