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RSS/Text (media objects properties)

  Page-by-Page Horizontal Ticker Vertical Scroll



RSS/Text media objects allow you to use RSS feeds and text messages in info screen projects.



Page-by-Page verson of RSS/Text media object does not have any special requirements, but the other two, Horizontal Ticker and Vertical Scroll, depend on availability of DirectX (version 9 or later). To install DirectX please visit the Download Center on the Microsoft's web site and look for DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer, or visit the Installing DirectX page within this help center.



RSS feed URL   Consider this like the address field in a web browser. Type in or paste a valid link to an RSS feed and the object will show it at runtime. Of course a live internet connection is required.
Font parameters: Use these controls to set the text appearance for the RSS feed. You can set normal/bold/italic attributes and color for each component separately.
Channel title: This option enables/disables the channel title in the feed's display.
Channel description: This option enables/disables the channel description in the feed's display.
Item title: This option enables/disables the item title in the feed's display.
Item description: This option enables/disables the item description in the feed's display.
Item media:thumbnail: This option enables/disables the item media:thumbnail in the feed's display.
Plain text file   Here you can choose a plain text file that has the text messages you want to show instead of using a live RSS feed. Obviously this option does not require an internet connection at runtime.
Use this text   This option is similar to the one that uses a plain text file with the only difference in that you type text messages directly in this box.
Font parameters   Use these controls to set the text appearance for "Plain text file" and "Use this text" options.
Speed   Depending on the version of RSS/Text media object this slider allows you to change the speed of scrolling text, ticker or turning pages.

Refresh content every
XX minute(s)

  Enable this option when you need the object's content to refresh in intervals shorter than its host scene duration.
Background   Here you set a background color of the object either to be the same as the scene background color or choose a different color if necessary. Additional options are to set the transparency in which case you get the scene background that would otherwise be covered by the object or to set some other picture as the background. In the last case a picture you use will be stretched to fill the object.


Size & Position

Click the Size & Position button to open the dialog box where you can set the object's size and position precisely, providing of course that there is enough free space available on the canvas. If you enter a value that can not be accepted the program will adjust it automatically.

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