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Dynamic Info Screen
Registering Dynamic Info Screen


Instructions for single-license users

  1. To register Dynamic Info Screen you need a registration code that is delivered in the order confirmation e-mail message you received after the purchase. The confirmation message is sent automatically by the payment system upon order approval.
  2. Once you get your registration code start Dynamic Info Screen, choose the Registration option from the Help menu, type in your name and registration code and click Register.
    * Please note that a registration code has 17 symbols and all of them are important so watch for typing mistakes.
    (example: do not type the letter "O" instead of the digit "0")


Registering additional screens

If you purchased a Non-Profit License or a Business License then initially you are allowed to display completed info screen projects on up to twelve (12) screens. Pay attention that Home License does not give that right. Please refer to the End-User License Agreement for details about licenses and restrictions.

If you are planning to show your info screen projects on more than twelve screens then you have to purchase Additional Screen License Packs to register more screens in the program. You can order Additional Screen License Packs from this page.

For each Additional Screen License Pack that you purchase you will get a license and a unique registration code for 12 new screens. Then simply click on the Add More Screens button, enter the registration code in the textbox and click Add. The accepted registration code shows up in the list and the number of licensed screens is increased immediately. If you purchased more than one Additional Screen License Pack then just repeat the adding process for each registration code.


Registering a site license

A Site License allows you to display completed info screen projects on unlimited number of screens as long as computers that control those screens are owned by your organization and not by any third-party. You can order a Site License from this page.

When you get a registration code for the Site License simply click on the Add Site License button, enter the registration code in the textbox and click Add. When a Site License is accepted the number of licensed screens shows "Site" and the Add More Screens button becomes unavailable.


Instructions for multi-license users

If you act as a developer of info screen projects for third parties then you have to have licenses for all your clients registered in the program. Click on the Manage Additional Licenses button to enter the dialog box where you can do everything related to additional licenses. Of course, to be able to access that button you first have to register your own license as described above in the single-license users section.

Once you open the Manage Additional Licenses dialog box adding a new license is easy. Simply type in the name of the license owner and the corresponding registration code and click Register/Add. The new license will show up immediately in the Existing Additional Licenses list.

In cases where your clients need to display info screen projects on more than initial 12 screens then you need to purchase Additional Screen License Packs (or a Site License) and add them to your client's program license. For instructions on registering additional screens or adding a site license please refer to the corresponding sections above. The procedure is the same, you just have to pay attention to select the correct program license in the list of Existing Additional Licenses.


I don't understanding licensing, what should I do?

Just contact us at info@xemico.com and tell us about your concerns.

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