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Dynamic Info Screen
Runtime commands


When an info screen is running you can control its execution through the following set of keyboard commands.


Press one of these keys to exit the info screen.

Press HOME to jump to the first scene.

Press END to jump to the last scene.

Press F6 to restart the project from the beginning.

Press one of these keys to jump to the next scene.

Press one of these keys to jump to the previous scene.

Press F2 to enter the runtime content editor (works only if DISEditor.exe is included in the project's folder).


NOTE: Info screens created with unregistered (unlicensed) version of the program have an additional scene that shows the evaluation period notice. That scene is embedded before each regular scene. To remove it you have to register the program and save the project again.

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Runtime commands
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Free flash clocks to download - Clocks that allow you to display current time in your info screen projects.
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