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Dynamic Info Screen
Starting an info screen project through a desktop shortcut

If you want to make starting an info screen project easier by providing a desktop shortcut you can simply go to the project's folder, right click its .XDIS file, choose the Create Shortcut option and move the created shortcut to the desktop or any other place where you need it.

If the shortcut made as we just described does not work for any reason there is another (more complicated) way to get it. You can create a shortcut to the DISPlayer and set it up to start a project you want. Here is how to do that:

  1. Go to DISPlayer's working folder:
    C:\Program Files\XemiComputers\Dynamic Info Screen\Player
  2. Right click the DISPlayer.exe file and choose the Create Shortcut option.
  3. Windows will ask you to make the shortcut on the desktop and you should accept that.
  4. Now you need that shortcut to .XDIS file. Right click on it, choose Properties, copy the entire content of the Target field to the clipboard and click Cancel. Here is an example (note the double quote " symbols, too):
    "C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Dynamic Info Screen\My Projects\3ScenesSmall\3ScenesSmall.xdis"
  5. On the desktop right click the shortcut to DISPlayer, choose Properties and paste the clipboard's content at the end of the Target field after adding one space symbol so you do not overwrite the existing content. It all together looks something like this:
    "C:\Program Files\XemiComputers\Dynamic Info Screen\Player\DISPlayer.exe" "C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Dynamic Info Screen\My Projects\3ScenesSmall\3ScenesSmall.xdis"
  6. Click Apply and Ok. Your project's shortcut is ready to use.

NOTE: What you did here is you merged two shortcuts, one for DISPlayer and the other for the project's .XDIS file, into one. Be sure that you keep all the double quote " symbols in place and do not forget to add a space in between or Windows will not accept your shortcut.

Instructions on this page are given for 32-bit version of Windows Vista. They are relevant to other versions of Windows as well, but you can expect some small differences in folder paths.

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